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2016-03-01 - Conformance Check joins Nimonik
2015-12-15 - SAM and ARTP Version 2.3 Announcement
2015-06-17 - SAM and ARTP are now available as a Service Read more...
2015-04-15 - EHS Auditor version 5.5.5 Update

Provide software solutions to manage and track your company’s conformance to Regulatory and Management System Requirements, such as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
Our comprehensive Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety regulatory requirements audit protocol database allows preparation of custom facility audits and legal registries in minutes!
Reduce costs while ensuring ongoing environmental, health and safety compliance across your entire organization using the proven solution.
Conformance Check has been a leader in EHS compliance audit and assurance software and protocol databases since 1994.
EHS Auditor is the premiere audit software tool with the necessary features to assess your organization’s EHS compliance issues.
EHS Auditor comes with a wide selection of pre-built EHS audit protocols including questionaires and content based on requirements in Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety legislation, codes and guidelines.
This easy-to-use, web-enabled system empowers front-line managers & provides an efficient method of creating & completing periodic EHS self-assessment reviews at company facilities.
This web-enabled system ensures both regulatory compliance and continual improvement through effective management of audit findings and subsequent corrective actions.
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