PRODUCTS - Audit Response Tracking Program (ARTP)

  • How much time and money is spent updating the status of corrective action plans?
  • Are you continually sending emails to get responsible parties to update information?
  • How much does it cost in manpower each time an executive wants to have a consolidated report of outstanding corrective actions and anticipated closure dates?
  • Are those shared status documents really working for you?

    Get ARTP, get control of your system and costs.

  • Audit Response Tracking Program (ARTP) manages the distribution of non-conformance findings created by audits done with the EHS Auditor or Self Assessment Module. For the findings of an audit plan, ARTP solicits a corrective action response and approval by the appropriate stakeholders within the corporation. ARTP will automatically email each designated user when it is his or her turn to create or approve corrective actions to findings.
  • Responders will find ARTP easy to use with very little training. The Administrator will review the responses and close the finding when effectively completed, or schedule ARTP to solicit the status of corrective actions until the finding is closed.
  • ARTP is a secure web-enabled application, which can be deployed via corporate intranets or over the internet.
  • Bilingual (English and French) responder interface.


    • Facility finding management and corrective action system.
    • ARTP allows an Administrator to assign audits or self-assessment findings to the responsible person at the facility, who will enter the corrective action plan for the finding, and to individuals who will review and approve the corrective actions.

    • ARTP sends an email to the facility responder notifying him that his input on the assessment or audit is required.
    • The facility responder logs on using his workstation Internet browser and sees only the audit plans requiring his or her review.
    • The responder can enter the following for each finding:
        • Text response and corrective action plan
        • Anticipated finding closure date
        • User-defined Internal Status Code
        • Images such a photo after corrective action.
        • Documents such as an updated operating procedure.
    • After the facility responder has completed his input, ARTP notifies the next reviewer via e-mail. The reviewer logs on and sees only the audit plans requiring his or her review.

    • The reviewer can read the facility response that may include corrective action plans and accept or reject the response.

    • After all reviewers have reviewed the audit plan, the administrator is notified. Administrators can close findings or enter a future date for ARTP to solicit responses on progress of corrective action plans.
    • Easy-to-use end user screens; operates on a standard web browser.
    • Responder and reviewer web pages require the user to press only a few buttons to locate the desired findings and respond.
    • Clear instructions on how to respond to findings.
    • Spell checking is provided for text input.
    • Responder can upload images and documents as evidence to the corrective action.
    • Administrator monitoring.
    • ARTP Administrators have complete visibility and control of all audit plan reviews. The status of each reviewer can be referenced and responders can be reassigned when personnel leave or are reassigned.
    • ARTP can automatically identify and notify late responders by email.
    • Powerful “Query by Example” reporting.
    • ARTP Reports program creates:
      • Detail reports of the status of corrective actions for each audit or assessment. All responses and review comments from responders, as well as any images assigned to a response, are printed.
      • Summary reports of the status of a specified group of audits.
    • By simply filling in the desired fields of the “Query by Example” form, the Audit Plans that meet the form’s values are displayed.
    • Report requests, such as “Which facilities have open findings that have exceeded their anticipated closure dates?” are easily retrieved.
    • All reports can be printed, or exported to PDF, text or HTML.
    • Audit Response Tracking Program
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