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  • Conformance Check's EHS Auditor has a wide selection of pre-built audit questions based on requirements in Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety legislation, codes and guidelines, which we call Audit Criteria.
  • The audit criteria database comprises audit questions, reference documents, diagrams, and schedules developed from industry requirements in environmental and occupational health and safety legislation. These criteria are then grouped into "Areas of Concern", which combine legislative requirements in a particular subject area such as Air Emissions. These areas of concern are in turn grouped into Environmental or Health and Safety Packages for jurisdictional regions as well as non-legislative packages for ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 compliance.
  • Conformance Check sells general industry and some industry-specific criteria packages for use with EHS Auditor.
    Click here to view the EHS Audit Criteria Catalogue.
  • The only regulations that matter are the latest ones.
    • Regulations are revised and changed constantly, so staying current can be a full-time job. Subscribing to our Regulatory Update service ensures that your organization’s EHS Auditor Criteria are always up-to-date.
    • What’s more, EHS Auditor's online update program automatically updates the regulatory requirements, revises compliance questions to meet legislation changes, and prints a custom Newsletter identifying new or amended legislation and its effect on your registries of legal and other requirements for your facilities.
    • Amended legislation is highlighted in yellow in the registry and requires the user to acknowledge the change to the requirements for the associated facilities. Great for proving due diligence to registrars!  
    Custom Criteria Development

    Why struggle with making audit plans for your company's sector specific regulations, Management Systems or Industry Codes of Practice? Conformance Check's talented criteria developers have been creating professional audit checklists for over ten years. Our criteria development service will analyze your documents for the requirements of your auditee and formulate concise English language audit questions with explanatory audit notes and the sections of the document with the requirement. The developed audit checklist can be added to your EHS Auditor Criteria or sent to you as a PDF file. Our criteria development rates are much less than most external consultants and we have the experience for fast efficient development. Call (416-620-0846) or email for a quote on your project today.
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