• EHS Auditor is a Microsoft Windows application that comes preloaded with your selection of audit protocols based on US and Canadian Federal and Provincial/State EHS regulations as well as key industry standards and codes. See our EHS Auditor Criteria page for details on the audit content available. EHS Auditor helps to identify your facility’s legal requirements, then builds and manages your audit plans and non-conformance corrective action processes to ensure compliance. EHS Auditor is fully customizable, allowing you to add your own audit criteria and safely change existing criteria.

  • EHS Auditor comes with a manual, context-sensitive help and a guided tour within the program, so most users are able to use the program soon after it is installed.

  • Click Here to see EHS Auditor features designed for US Industry.

  • Click Here to view the Audit Criteria (protocols) for use with EHS Auditor.

    EHS Auditor for Canadian Industry Features

    • Registries of legal and other requirements for facilities prepared in minutes!
    • Simply drag an Act or Regulation from the Legislation Toolbar into a user-defined registry—the legislation’s legal requirements are automatically listed.
    • Alternatively, drag an Area of Concern such as “Air Emissions in Ontario” into your registry and watch as all the Ontario Legislation titles and sections regarding Air Emissions are added to the legal registry.
    • Questions on the requirements can be modified or removed.
    • Regulatory changes are automatically highlighted in user-defined registries, so the manager can take appropriate action.
    • Detailed and Summary Legal Registry Reports can be printed or exported to various file formats.
    • Facility Registry Report contains the list of legislation and the individual legal requirements that apply to the facility and the reasons for inclusion or exclusion of requirements.
    • Customizable selection of the above content for the report.
    • Customized EHS Audits for your facilities prepared in minutes.
    • Facility Audits can be built using our pre-built audit checklists or your own checklists.
    • Create an audit by selecting the areas of concern relevant to your facility and audit scope. If you have created a registry of requirements for your facility, your selection will be simplified—only the areas of concern in the registry will appear for selection!
    • Audit plan is then generated with the audit criteria stored in the audit plan. Even when the legislation changes in the future, your audit criteria will remain as it was when the audit was created.
    • Interactive Facility Audits.
  • Easy to navigate screens allow quick access to each area of concern.
  • Answer the questions in any area; EHS Auditor keeps track of completed questions, non-conformance questions, and questions where further review is required to determine conformance to a requirement.
  • Multi-Auditor Audits
    • On a network many auditors can answer the same audit plan.
    • Audit plans can be exported to each auditor’s computer.
    • Partially answered audits can be merged to produce complete audits.
    Question Component
    Legislation Citation of Industry Requirement
    Actual Section of Legislation that the audit question is based on
    Audit Question; clearly describes the industry requirement from the regulation.
    Finding Component  
    Customizable multiple-choice response
    Easily attach a picture to support the finding
    Enter text finding with spell checking

    Findings Support
    Attributes Enter properties for Root Cause analysis
    Recommendations Enter with action plans
    Supporting Documents Attach working papers, operating procedures, interviews and images to the audit plan.

    • Powerful reporting options.
    • EHS Auditor offers a variety of reporting options, from simple one-click reports with popular customization options to sophisticated custom layout reports. All reports can be previewed and printed to any MS Windows printer, or exported to PDF, text or HTML.
    • Easy to create executive summaries of audit statistics, with the results for each facility grouped according to the company’s corporate reporting structure.
    • The popular Crystal Reports® runtime engine is built in to EHS Auditor. Seven Crystal Reports are packaged with EHS Auditor; these reports can be customized, or new reports can be added using Crystal Reports XI or better. Once the report is developed, it can be included in the list of reports and used throughout the network. Report contents can be exported to many popular formats (e.g., PDF, MS Word, Excel).
    • The Audit Check List by Validation Procedure separates the question in the audit by validation procedure, allowing auditors experienced in specific procedures to answer the related questions.
    • EHS Auditor Query: Post-audit analysis tool
    • The EHS Auditor Query program makes it easy to analyze the similarities and differences in past and present responses of any combination of audit plans. The results of the analysis can be expressed in reports or customizable graphs. In addition, the results and contents of audit plans can be exported to external corporate databases (e.g., SAP or Oracle ERP).
    • The image on the right is an example of a pie chart developed in EHS Auditor Query showing the frequency of each root cause of non-conformance findings for a group of facility audits.
    • EHS Auditor for Canadian Industry
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