Conformance Check's EHS Compliance Audit and Assessment Products

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EHS Auditor® The Premier Environmental Health and Safety Audit Software
  • The premiere audit tool with the necessary features to assess your organization’s compliance issues.
  • The compliance software and database of choice for EHS Professionals, Consultants, Internal Audit Teams and those with compliance and governance assurance responsibilities.
  • Will save you time and money in determining your regulatory obligations and assessing your compliance issues.
  • Easily build a custom Registry (Legal and Other Requirements) for your facilities from our extensive legal requirements database.
  • Regulatory Update service ensures that your organization’s EHS compliance requirements are up-to-date.
  • Scalable solutions from a stand alone single-user application to multi-user shared company-wide application.

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Self Assessment Module (SAM) for EHS Auditor®
  • Easy-to-use, web-enabled system designed to empower front-line managers and to provide an efficient method of creating and completing periodic self-assessment reviews at company facilities
  • Expand your headcount by dispersing the audit task across your organization!
  • Design and schedule assessments and responders, and keep track of the results.
  • Automatically sends email to responders when their attention is required.
  • Corporate reports show findings summarized by department.

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Audit Response Tracking Program (ARTP) Audit Management Software
  • How much time and money is spent updating the status of corrective action plans?  Get ARTP, get control of your system and costs.
  • Web-enabled system to ensure both regulatory compliance and continual improvement through effective management of audit findings and subsequent corrective actions.
  • Allow every level of the organization a secure response to non-conformance issues.
  • ARTP sends an email to the user when their response is required.
  • Users have access only to assigned audits.

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Corporate Assessment System for all your EHS Audit Management Needs
  • Combines the company-wide EHS Auditor IP Server Edition, Self Assessment Module (SAM) and Audit Report Tracking Program (ARTP) to provide a proven method to manage corporate compliance and demonstrate continuous improvement.
  • Automatic distribution of management reports.
  • Departmental reporting.
  • Ability to transfer information to business systems (e.g. SAP or Oracle ERP).

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Custom Criteria Development and EHS Audit Protocols
  • Conformance Check’s talented criteria developers have been creating professional audit checklists for over ten years.
  • Why struggle with making audit plans for your company’s sector specific regulations, Management Systems or Industry Codes of Practice?
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