PRODUCTS - Self Assessment Module (SAM)

  • EHS professionals will feel empowered, informed and in control with the web-enabled Self Assessment Module’s (SAM’s) user-friendly features. This tool allows managers to filter and document only those requirements that impact a specific facility or group of facilities, so managers can quickly prioritize and respond to changing regulations before they become issues. By empowering Operations Management, your organization can reduce violations and penalties, ensure employee safety, improve environmental stewardship, and foster positive relationships with your regulators, customers and the public.

  • SAM provides:
    • Administration program for responsible managers to design, assign, monitor, and report on the ongoing assessments at facilities.
    • Server programs that notify responders of their responsibilities and distribute management reports by email.
    • Easy-to-use web-enabled server program that allows responders to complete the assessments via their web browsers.
    • Bilingual (English and French) responder interface.
  • Completed assessments can be automatically imported to Conformance Check’s Audit Response Tracking Program to solicit and track the corrective actions to the assessment's findings!


    • Multiple-facility assessment administration
    • Audit Administrators can create assessment checklists for single facilities or groups of facilities, based on regulatory or internal standards / operating procedures that are relevant to the parts of the organization being assessed. You can create a risk-based multi-year compliance schedule that covers all relevant EHS and Management system elements, conducted by operations staff and verified by Corporate or external auditors.  The image on the right displays an example of a reusable, modifiable self assessment definition.
    • On the pre-assigned assessment date, SAM will send a notification email containing a copy of the assessment to the predetermined responders at the assigned facilities. The responders can now enter their response to the assessment using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
    • Administrators can configure a number of options for SAM such as:
      • Assigning other individuals to review and accept the results of the assessment prior to submitting the assessment for reporting and corrective action.
      • Requiring responders to enter specific fields for non-conformance response, such as anticipated closure dates and internal status codes.
      • Allowing use of a Corrected At Time Of Assessment response.
    • Easy-to-use web-enabled Self Assessment entry and monitoring.
    • Audit Administrators sends a self assessment checklist to the designated responder, who logs on to SAM and answers the assessment's questions using an easy-to-use web interface.
    • Responders will find answering known questions easy, as only the question and the response field are visible. The screen on the right displays an example of a checklist entry web page.
    • Responders can quickly access more detail when needed, such as explanatory notes, backing legislation, audit validation procedures, or reference documents such as legislation definitions, schedules or diagrams. For US Federal questions, any state deviations at the facility’s location can be displayed.
    • Responders can upload images to the assessment and assign an image as part of their response, or upload other supporting documents such as procedures, plans, and spreadsheets as validation of findings.
    • Built-in powerful detailed and summary reporting.
    • Reports designed for Self Assessments. Facility reports such as Outstanding Findings and Executive Summary will monitor your assessment program. Statistical reports contain cross-facility assessment results for trend analysis.
    • Powerful Data Selection. Select the Date Range, Departments, Topics, etc. for your report.
    • Reports can be automatically emailed to your managers. Administrators can set up departmental reports to be sent to specified managers at a predetermined frequency.
    • SAM user notification system.
    • Powerful email notification system allows Administrators to notify SAM users based on factors such as:
      • whether the user is involved in an open assessment
      • whether the user is in a specific company or business unit
      • whether the user has not finished response to or review of an assessment within the specified time
    • Administrators can select the message from a library of templates or compose a new message specific to the notification’s audience.
    • Self Assessment Module
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